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A mixture of heavy blues rock and some lighter stuff that deals with life as I see it – which frankly is from a pretty cynical point of view if I’m honest about it.

As I get older I find it even harder to tolerate fools gladly and life’s too short to bottle it up inside. At least this way I get to play it out of my system. Hope you enjoy the ride!

  1. Hole in the Head
    Borrowed from a ZZ Top riff. One of my favourite bands
  2. Naturally Superior
    We all know one of these guys, right?
  3. Moan Moan Moan
    Nobody likes a whinger!
  4. Alice Blues
    A little song about a visit to the outback
  5. Keeping On
    …to the end of the line
  6. Counting Cunts in Cromer
    A homage to Ian Dury and normal for Norfolk.
  7. Head Games
    Quit messing with my head OK?
  8. Greybeard
    A loud song about my advancing years
  9. I Like You The way You Are
    Mushy sentimental stuff with attitude
  10. My Fascinating Facebook Friend
    Farcebook. Don’tcha just love it?
  11. Always Right and Never Wrong
    And I’m definitely not referring to myself here…
  12. Boo Hoo Hoo
    Ever look in the mirror and think who the hell is that?
  13. Cheritee
    And it’s for a wonderfully good cause. Honest.

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