I originally started this site as somewhere to publish my memoirs and then added a few music tracks I had recorded.

It’s developed into a outlet for my music. Some of the early stuff is a bit naff, but I have improved, hopefuly considerably! It’s a varied mix of styles and tastes. And be warned that not all off the language used in necessarily polite – although I draw the line at being sexually explicit!

For the past few years it’s grown into something more and I’ve got serious with what I do. I release tracks on this site one or two at a time and when the album is complete, I create a page for it with the CD covers included.

I used to give the tracks away, but I’ve been persuaded that it’s good enough to market so in November 2015 I joined Distrokid and now upload the albums for sale on the major digital music sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and others so you’ll find me there.

I’d really appreciate it if you listen to my stuff on Spotify. It’s free for you and I get paid! Not much, but every little helps. Here’s a link to my artist page.

As a result, you can still listen to my music on this site but if you want to download it, then you’ll need to go to one of these sites to get hold of it. The CD covers will still appear if you want to make a CD from the tracks.

One response to “About

  1. Hollis Geary

    Thanks for the tunes. That Fucking Christmas Music hit the spot. Shared it on my FB page.


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