Blues Merchant

Now available for digital download at the following sites
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‘Blues Merchant’ is an album of original accoustic and electric blues (with the exception of the classic opening track) dedicated to the many members of the band Blues Merchants that I played with over the years.

If you’re out there, guys, then please get in touch!

  1. Summertime Blues
    What better way to kick off an album than with a classic!
  2. Losing You
    An accoustic number about loss and pain and shit like that!
  3. Travelling Man
    Good old fashioned rocking blues dedicated to the seasoned traveller
  4. The Mirror
    When you shave in the morning, do you like what’s looking at you?
  5. Pave Me Over
    A gutsy little number about not saving the planet
  6. What’s Your Name?
    You wanna be a people person? Not after you listen to this!
  7. Something in the Way She Moves
    One of my favourite tracks from James Taylor
  8. Life in the Slow Lane
    Kick back, take it easy and enjoy the music
  9. 4 o’Clock Blues
    Not a good idea to write songs at this time of the morning
  10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart
    My version of a great song by the Tooting Frooties’ Noel Brown
  11. Nigel the Guitarist
    Better a has been than a never was!
  12. Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart – Take 1
    My first attempt at my own version of this song!
  13. Neighbours
    A song all about the bunch of bastards that live in my street!

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