Too Old to Rock

Now available for digital download at the following sites
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Too Old to Rock‘ is serious music which I intended to celebrate rock music in all its various forms be it heavy, latin, punk, blues, country or whatever you can think of. I most likely missed a few along the way, but I hope you enjoy this album anyway.

  1. Glad You’re Gone
    You can always rely on my ex-wife to provide inspiration for a title like this!
  2. Living on the Road
    What was it really like trying to build a following while living in a Transit van – and do we miss it?
  3. Signposts
    A bit of prog rock about losing direction
  4. Too Old to Rock
    One day I will make my mark – On a headstone in the park!
  5. Countryside
    Time for a bit of good ol’ country music
  6. See the Light
    Chunky, chuggy, heavy, and very bitter and cynical
  7. City Life
    A spot of Latin Rock about life in the big city
  8. Too Damn Late
    Punk song about the state of modern Britain
  9. Home
    Back to my roots – Guitar, bass, drums and a good old fashioned bit of blues!
  10. Never To Old to Rock
    Well, you never are really, are you?
  11. Life’s Too Short
    So what the hell are you doing with your life?
  12. Jukebox Rock
    Chuck Berry eat your heart out!

2 responses to “Too Old to Rock

  1. Sir Limply Stoke

    Bugger me what a disapointment. Was expecting total crap so plugged me cans in ready to sneer and instead found a lot to like. Hate that. Loved the riffs in See The Light. And any divorced gent has to resonate with Glad You’re Gone.
    Speak as exmanager of a couple of bands whist yet a lad at Eton. Screwed the talent comprehensively and they never saw a bean of box office but that’s the muso biz. Great days.
    Newport Pagnell, Watford Gap, Scotch Corner – early mornings on the road back from gigs. Smell of vomit in the back of the van. Stoned groupies and shared needles. Remember the drummer handing round exlax wrapped in cooking foil thinking he’d bought cannabis brownies. That night we found out why recreational drugs were known as shit. Then getting pulled over by Old Bill. Whip round to pay them orf. Great days.
    Your music brings it all back.
    Rock on Chas.


  2. Cheers, Sir Limply. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you’ll keep listening.


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