Cutting Up Rough

Cutting Up Rough front cover Cutting Up Rough back cover Cutting Up Rough inside cover
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“Cutting Up Rough” is a return to my favourite music – blues with a tinge of rock thrown in. Hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as I enjoyed making it.

  1. Snow on the Roof
    From the heart. You’re never too old to rock!
  2. Shit Happens
    Well, let’s be honest – it does, doesn’t it?
  3. Cheap Wine
    Best avoided. Written from bitter experience.
  4. Snowflake
    A song for our times, released as a single
  5. Another Gig
    Reminiscent of days spent in run down bars and clubs
  6. Do Your Own Thing
    A slow blues about ignoring sage advice
  7. Move It
    My personal tribute to Cliff Richard
  8. Drifting Blue
    Life is sometimes shitty and you lose your focus
  9. Cutting Up Rough
    The title track and one of my favourites of all the things I’ve recorded over the years
  10. Everybody’s After My Money
    If you get sick of cold callers and junk mail, then this is the track for you
  11. Happy
    A blues number about happiness? No, not really!
  12. This Is What We Find
    Always liked Ian Dury. This is a bit like his style I think
  13. Ballad of the Band
    Takes me back. Art of art’s sake but money for God’s sake
  14. Born Under a Bad Sign
    A classic song to round off the album