Twisted Logic

Now available for digital download at the following sites
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 09.49.14

This is a rock album full of up tempo electric guitar driven music about all manner of odd stuff in life like values, money, greed, corruption, relationships, grief etc. You know. All the interesting stuff…

  1. Ain’t No Rolling Stone
    Just lying in the sun, gathering moss.
  2. Poison
    A song about how two people just can’t stop tormenting each other.
  3. Gimme the Money!
    It can’t buy you happiness – but it sure helps relieve the misery.
  4. Inspector Gadget
    You can live without technology. Honestly. You can.
  5. Times Are Hard
    A few tricks and tips on how to get by in these austere times.
  6. Dead End Street
    Society is all heading one way – and it ain’t getting any better
  7. Lorelei
    A strange set of lyrics about a rock ‘n’ roll mermaid.
  8. Don’t talk to me like that
    If you want someone to do something for you, it costs nothing to ask nicely.
  9. Bitch
    She sure was. Short and vitriolic – just like this song.
  10. Broken Promises
    Broken promises fall like rain
  11. Rewrite Your Life
    Reality’s so boring. Rewrite your life – we all love a good story!
  12. Faking It
    Faking it, taking it. It doesn’t matter long as I’m raking it in.

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