Street Corner Woman

Been quiet for a while whilst working on the next album with a couple of tracks now in the can. Without giving too much away, this one’s going to be heavy. ‘Nuff said.

In the meantime here’s a jazzy track off Smalltown Blues :

She’s a street corner woman
She’s a good time girl
Street corner woman
Knows just what to do
gonna make you happy
gonna make me blue

she wears a tight black skirt
she’s wearing high heeled shoes
Got a low cut blouse
Gonna smile at you
Take your money
Make a fool of you

Waiting back home
I know just where she’ll be
Waiting back home
She ain’t there with me
She’s a street corner woman
Plain to see

She makes a lot of money
Selling what she got
Makes a lot of money
‘cos she’s got a lot
Street corner woman
Working her plot

She knows her business
And she knows it well
It’s a high grade product
And she knows it sells
Street corner woman
Caught you in her spell

She’s not the kinda girl
You take home for tea
But she’s the sort of girl
That will do for me
But you get what you get
You don’t get it for free

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