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They Wanna Run Me Outa Town

Here’s a bit off rock off the Shooting for Pork Album that kinda reminds me of ZZ Top.

If you lived where I live and dealt with some of the people I have to dela with then you could definitely relate to this track!

They don’t care about my point of view
They don’t take account of what I do
Petty minded jealousy from small mind folk
Nasty little bigots who ain’t no joke
They wanna run me outa town
They don’t want me sticking around

All these people who know better than me
Set in their ways far as I can see
Can’t stand nobody different to them
Who don’t conform and don’t fit in
They wanna run me outa town
Even handed just ain’t their way

They don’t like the way I live my life
Wanna tell me what’s wrong and right
Tell me how to dress, tell me how to talk
Don’t hang around – Take a walk!

Don’t get me going
Don’t wind me up
Don’t make me mad
Get me all riled up
Leave me alone
I’ll do the same for you
Just don’t tell me
What to do!

Church going people whiter than white
Ain’t done nothing in their whole damn life
Don’t like my language – too damned hot
But dealing with them makes me use it a lot

They wanna run me outa town
They don’t want me sticking around
Ain’t no way I’m welcome here
They wanna run me outa town


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New Single

Given all the stuff that’s going on around the elections and Brexit, I thought it was an appropriate time to release this song as a single, so I’ve uploaded it this morning.

It should be available on all good music sites (Sptoify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes, Googleplay and several others) over the next few days.

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Must be doing something right!

Seems that my music is going down quite well. On Spotify, the title track off my ‘Greybeard’ album has been played over 11,000 times which I think is pretty cool. Somebody out there must like my stuff.

However, on the less happy front it seems my music is liked even more on the other side of what used to be the iron curtain. I came across a torrent site this morning where my ‘Greybeard’ and ‘New Tricks’ albums have been downloaded 612 and 825 times respectively and there’s no shortage of seeds either, predominantly in Russia and Bulgaria. So that’s 1,437 times about £6 in royalties I won’t be getting – or around £8,500! Rats!!!

Success is a lovely thing and even though I didn’t start off doing this for the money, it would be nice to earn some from it in these times when every penny counts, epecially for an old git like me.

Never mind. C’est la vie!

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New album released

Greybeard front cover
I’m pleased to announce that my new album ‘Greybeard’ is now available on the major digital music sites like Spotify and Google Play and available to purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

It will shortly be available on other download and sales sites as well. And if the New Tricks album is anything to go by, then it’ll achieve the same availability on pirate music sites across Russia and South Africa. C’est la vie!

In the meantime I’ve updated the site with a new page so you can access it from the image in the left margin or from the drop down menu.

I hope you’ll listen and enjoy it.

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Goodbye to an old friend

Today is a sad day for me as a very old friend who I lost touch with for many years before finding him again is having his funeral today.

Paul Wakely was my best mate back in the late sixties. He was a true character (see chapter 4 of my memoirs). I’ve asked Dioclese to paste a tribute to him over at his place because he deserves more coverage than this humble blog can give him.

In his memory, here’s a song off the ‘Old Friends’ album that Paul wrote the lyrics for back in 1996.

RIP, me old mate!

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‘Old Friends’ now complete

As the ‘Old Friends’ album is now completed, I have updated the album page with the covers and will shortly be uploading the entire thing to Spotify.

You can download any of the tracks as mp3 files and also download the covers if you want to create your own CD, but if you want the tracks in uncompressed quality, then Spotify will supply them in due course.

I hope you enjoyed the music on this album and I’m starting work on the next one but last year was quite prolific on the songwriting and recording front so I hope you’ll forgive me if the next one is a little bit slower coming!

I’ve also set up a site at Fandalism which you might like to take a squint at. There’s lots of other musicians on there that you might find interesting as well.

Comments are, as always, invited and welcomed. That’s how we give you what you want!

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Bye, bye Blogger – Hello, WordPress

Because of the problems I’ve been having on Google Blogger, I decided that I would move the blog to WordPress.

I hope you’ll agree that it looks a lot cleaner and I hope that I will find that I experiene a lot less hassle than before.

You should still be able to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and hope you’ll bear with me while I iron out any ‘creases’

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