Songs of Mayhem & Mischief

This is my third album which I wasn’t going to put on this site until someone pointed out to me that most of the material was already on the Videos page anyway!

I made this in 2010 and it’s political – centred around the general election and the Labour leadership contest. It’s a bit ‘Baron Knights’ and is not the finest production. I’ve got better at it since.

It also contains three tracks that I was going to use as the basis for a Christmas album but never got round to it!

  1. Reasons I’m Not Cheerful (part 3)
    I always liked Ian Dury and the Blockheads. This is a rework about the state of the nation.
  2. I Feel Lucky (The leadership song)
    The Labour election – a song about four twats and a black bird!
  3. Bananaman Bit the Dust
    Sorry, Freddie! Couldn’t resist rewriting the lyrics to reflect David ‘Bananaman’ Miliband
  4. He’s My Brother (Red Ed Mix)
    The Hollies classic albout Milibandian brotherly love.
  5. Global Warming (The Ecology Song)
    A original song about the global warming to commemorate 1010 day
  6. Lyin’ Eyes (The Miliband Mix)
    This Eagles song was just begging for this treatment. I didn’t even have to change the chorus!
  7. What a Waste (The Quango song)
    Another Ian Dury classic. Whatever happened to that bonfire of Quangos we were going to have?
  8. Taking It Easy Init?
    An Eagles song about lazy people living off the state
  9. Jack Shit Gordon
    Another Ian Dury song, but this time about sitting on your arse at work
  10. Misery and Wine
    Just to prove I dislike Christmas. Cliff really should have recorded it like this!
  11. The Christmas Song 2010
    Christmas is a bloody miserable time for adults, so I figured why not tell it like it is?
  12. The Day After Christmas
    War is over, my arse! Lennon really should have recorded it with these lyrics.
  13. The Ratshitter Rap
    A somewhat disrespectful song about the – now former – Pope

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