Unplugged front Unplugged back Unplugged inside

This album is a reworking of some of my past recordings with a single new track at the end. I’ve avoided using any electric instruments and have tried a few new things like mandolins and violins and have deliberately tried to rework the songs rather than just play them the same on different instruments.

As usual the covers are included above if you want to download it and make your own CD. Links are to the original postings where you can download the tracks.

  1. Cheap Beer and Cigarettes
  2. Conspiracies
  3. Crap on the TV
  4. Faking It (live)
  5. Fear of flying
  6. Junk Mail
  7. Mid Life Crisis
  8. One for the Road
  9. Politicians
  10. Rewrite our Life
  11. Saturday Night
  12. Small Town Man
  13. The TV’s Broken (live)
  14. Under the Covers

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