Under the Covers

This is the last song off ‘Unplugged’ and the only original recording on the album. It’s about sex.

There – that got your attention didn’t it?

Here’s the lyrics :

Screwing with the lights on can be quite fun
But when they’re off you can pretend you’re anyone
We turned them off and we chose a different lover
But then my willy got tangled in the covers
Sometimes it seemed that things moved too fast
Then a bedspring broke and it pranged me in the arse
We rolled too far and we fell out of bed
I landed on top of her and broke her leg

Up and down
Round and round
Right side up
Or upside down
In and out
Shake it about
Her on top
Or underneath

Hide the sausage is the name of the game
But conventional sex can be really tame
We tried it on the staircase, we tried it in the car
But underneath the covers is more comfy by far
We tried lots of sex aids we bought on the net
There’s some we haven’t used or even figured out yet
They say that necessity’s the mother of invention
But faffing with this stuff was never our intention

Rumpy pumpy
Feeling grumpy
Getting some
Or maybe not
Standing up
Sitting down
Get stuck in and
Let’s go to town

We used to do it once a night but now we’re lucky if it’s once a week
It’s no problem, it’s alright. My sexual proclivity is past its peak
It’s not that I’m tired of my choice of lover
Just that we’d rather sleep underneath the covers

Tried of sex
Whatever’s next?
Much too tired
Feeling vexed
Slap and tickle
Bump and grind
Is overrated
You will find


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Filed under Accoustic, Humour

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