Small Town Man (unplugged)

Now here’s one that goes back a bit. I originally released it back in 2011 and it’s a comic song about where I live. Actually, every word is true so it’s really not that comic.

There’s a bit of a story behind it. My mate Dioclese does my videos for me and he had a mate that was being driven mad by his fellow townspeople, so they started up a blog together called Smalltown Man. To cut a long story short, the guy got a lot of stick and quit but Dioclese incorporated the blog into own his to keep the theme going.

It was already an accoustic number so I’m not sure why I redid it really. My other half reckons the original is superior. Either way, I still think it’s one of my better songs.

Here’s a link to the original if you want to compare the two.


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Filed under Accoustic, Humour

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