Playing Dirty

Album number 6 is all serious stuff.I’ve included a few favourite tracks of mine by other people to which I hope I have done justice. Other than that everything on here is original stuff ‘wot I wrote meself’.

If you want to listen to this in better than mp3 quality, then it’s available, with covers, for free download on bit torrent. Just search under “Chas Crane torrent” on Google

Click on the track name to play…

  1. Moving On
    I always liked ZZ Top in their Eliminator days so you’ll probably guess the influence on this track?
  2. Man of the World
    Nothing if not ambitious, this is my attempt at Peter Green’s classic with me playing everything!
  3. 21st Century Blues
    A protest song dedicated to people everywhere who thinks that modern times suck
  4. American Pie
    The classic Don McLean song with the missing guitar solo that I felt should always have been there!
  5. Play Dirty
    A kinda grungy, heavy track that reflects my attitude to unreliable women
  6. All Right Now
    I have always loved this song and saw Paul Kossoff and the boys many times before his untimely death.
  7. Sometimes You Win
    A nice, positive, upbeat song about my wife – which makes a change from the ones slagging off my ex!
  8. Parasite
    Heavy shit! I never tried punk before but it seemed an appropriate comment on the state of the nation.
  9. Paralysis
    Sometimes you think ‘What’s the point?’ and then you end up feeling nothing. Emotional paralysis.
  10. Strange Ways Blues
    A rock blues song about people who you will never ever understand.
  11. Strange Ways
    Same lyrics as the blues, but different music!
  12. The Memoirs Group
    Final track on the album injecting a little humour

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