My Videos


Well, actually they’re mainly not my videos but they are the videos my friend Dioclese put together when he stuck the songs I sent him on his blog

A earliest ones are sometimes just me playing into a cam-corder and to be honest are pretty cringeworthy in places! They get better as they get newer, so I have listed them in reverse chronological order – or to put it another way, the newer and better ones first.

Click on the title links to view them, mainly over on his blog :

Wher’s the F***ing Lemurs (27/02/15)
Dire Christmas (12/12/14)
Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Alright With Me (06/10/14)
The TV’s Broken (02/05/14)
Old Gits (15/02/14)
That Fucking Christmas Music (9/12/13)
One for the Road (2/12/13)
Wearable Tech (28/06/13)
Conspiracies (21/06/13)
Faking It (10/05/13)
Promises (5/04/13)
Gimme the Money (9/03/13)
Ratshitter 2 – Judgement Day (17/02/13)
Shite Christmas (11/12/12)
Demon Drink Blues (26/09/12)
Crap on the TV (11/09/12)
Aggrovation (9/08/12)
Street Fighting Man (24/07/12)
Pave Me Over (21/05/12)
Life’s Too Short (27/01/12)
Santa Go Home! (19/12/11)
Too Damn Late! (7/12/11)
Memory Lane (7/10/11)
The Polar Bear Song (5/9/11)
The Superinjunction Song (11/7/11)
A Versatile Man (30/6/11)
Sheeple (2/6/11)
Life is Shit (20/5/11)
Small Town Man (16/3/11)
Smokey Drinkey (9/3/11)
I Like to Blog (25/2/11)
The Day After Christmas (26/12/10)
The Christmas Song (25/12/10)
Misery and Wine (14/12/10)
The Quango Song – What a Waste! (18/10/10)
Lying Eyes – The Miliband Mix (15/10/10)
Global Warming (10/10/10)
The Ratshitter Rap (8/10/10)
He’s My Brother – The Red Ed mix (1/10/10)
Bananaman Bites the Dust (27/9/10)
The Leadership Song (24/9/10)
Bye Bye New Labour (9/9/10)
Reasons I’m Not Cheerful (21/8/10)
Taking It Easy Init? (13/8/10)
Jack Shit Gordon (5/8/10)
The Repeal Bill Song (9/7/10)
Election Time – End of the Line (28/4/10)
Gor-done (22/4/10)
Lies and Distrust (13/4/10)
Vote for Me (7/4/10)
I’ve Got No Friends (2/4/10)

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