Buspass Anarchist

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Well, after considerable thought the title for this album just sort of dropped into my head one afternoon whilst I was down on my knees laying a new floor in the kitchen. Well, it would do wouldn’t it?

The title seemed appropriate as this is an album designed to be heavy and, hopefully, full of energy which is very much themed on ranting about what’s all gone wrong with the world – not that I’m arrogant enough to think this will change anything, but it sure as hell gets it off my chest.

  1. Street Fighting Man
    The title is the only similarity with the Stones track of the same name.
  2. I Do My Drinking at the Weekend
    A good old fashioned drinking song.
  3. Aggro-vation
    A fast heavy piece for when you just feel like breaking a pencil!
  4. Crap on the TV
    Let’s face it – there is rather a lot of it!
  5. Slave to the System
    Things would be so much better if they just did it my way
  6. A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
    Sometimes, there’s just nothing else that will do.
  7. Living on the Dole
    Been there, done it – but never enjoyed it like some people!
  8. Angry Old Man
    Orwell got it right. He just got the wrong year!
  9. Demon Drink Blues
    Never again. Well, not until next weekend anyway.
  10. Rules and Regulations
    There’s someone sitting at a desk somewhere with sod all else to do.
  11. Sleep
    There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep.
  12. Tomorrow is Another Day
    A bit Hendrixy – tho’ I can’t compete with the great man himself
  13. Sleep (Accoustic version)
    More unhinged than unplugged, here’s a bonus track…

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