Old Friends

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Back in Autumn 2012, I received an e-mail from a woman who I hadn’t seen since the early 1970s. Ain’t the internet a fascinating thing sometimes? Seems she got my address from a guy I contacted through Facebook who I also hadn’t seen for 40 odd years.

It was an invite to a birthday party and my wife and I went along. It was an interesting experience and one which I decided to commemorate in song with the title track of this album. Listen carefully to the words, because there’s very little in there that’s made up.

The cover picture is courtesy of the same lady and was taken outside the Hand in Hand pub in Wimbledon in summer 1970 as near as I can estimate the date.

I dedicate this album to her and all the the people I knew from those days, but most especially to Phil Mann (seen in the photo sitting cross legged and giving it two fingers!) and Jim Paine. Phil is an old school friend who played keyboards with me once. Regretably, he is an old friend that I will not be meeting again as he tragically died suddenly in his early fifties.

Jim was the ‘other bloke’ who was in a band back in our sixties school days. We never played in the same group, but we were both keen as mustard and our bands always seemed to be known as his band or my band. We never made any money, but at least people knew who we were! Jim was a keen hang glider pilot and was killed in an accident doing what he loved.

This one’s for you, guys. Hope you’re listening.

  1. Old Friends
    People are seldom as you remember them – if you remember them at all!
  2. Every Step Different
    Lyrics by a very old friend. I’ve no idea what they mean!
  3. Down the Local
    A song about the good old English pub and recovering on the morning after the night before
  4. Rule Britannia
    A song of national patriotism. Not.
  5. Fear of Flying
    You like to fly? I think you lost the plot!
  6. Bears
    Watch out for the bears! They’ll have you on your knees.
  7. Stuff
    It’s not about the money, or who you think you are.
  8. Macho Man
    Putting on a brave face?
  9. I Don’t Care
    I don’t care about the planet, or the whales – so there!
  10. Surfer Man
    You’re never quite sure who you’re talking to on the web, are you?
  11. Evolution
    Out of the jungle, into the city – and straight back into the jungle.
  12. Mystery Song
    What’s it all about, eh? Damned if I know
  13. Shit Christmas
    Sorry, Elvis!

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