Mid Life Crisis

All the tracks on this album are written by myself and are intended to be humourous – depending on your sense of humour of course.

If you want to listen to this in better than mp3 quality, then is is available, with covers, for free download on bit torrent. Just search under “Chas Crane torrent” on Google

  1. Small Town Man
    If you live in a small town like I do then you will probably relate to this song.
  2. Smokey Drinkey
    A song about the anti-smoking and anti-drinking mafia who say we shouldn’t have the right to ruin our own bodies
  3. I Like to Blog
    A song I wrote for a friend of mine who just loves blogging
  4. Salad and Fish 2011
    An original song about a trip I took on a boat where the food, although excellent, was rather repetitive.
  5. Mid Life Crisis
    An original composition, sort of autobiographical. It’s not about you!
  6. Sheeple
    You can’t beat a bit of good old fashioned 70’s funk. This one is about boring people with no brains
  7. Superinjunction
    There’s been a lot of talk recently about superinjunctions, so here’s a song to sum it all up!
  8. Versatile Man
    A humorous original composition involving some reggae music and a frying pan
  9. Rusty Springbox
    We all know a girl like this, but perhaps we should look in the mirror?
  10. The Family Tree
    Everyone should have a hobby – even genealogists!
  11. Eurotrash
    My entry for the next Eurovision song contest

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