It’s that time of year again

Yep, it’s Christmas and time to cash in on the Christmas single market. OK I’m a cynical sod, but everybody else does it and to be honest it’s become a bit of a tradition chez moi. A bit like Cliff Richard only without the religious bit.

The new single is now loading to all the major streaming sites so hope you enjoy it.



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The 2021 Christmas Song

It’s that time of year when Christmas looms and it’s time to release my Christmas Song, video as usual courtesy of my good friend Dioclese. I’m releasing it on the major streaming site earlier than usual. After all, every other bugger is cashing in so why shouldn’t I ?

Last year I got 38,000 plays on Spotify alone so I’d be chuffed if I beat the record this year. Meantime spare a thought for the poor bloody turkey as you’re singing along !

D’ya wanna be a Christmas turkey?
You wanna be like me?
Gas me up and cut my throat
Cut my feet off, pluck my coat
Stick my innards up my arse
Serve me with Cranberry sauce
Who’d wanna be a turkey like me?

D’ya wanna be Christmas tree?
You wanna be like me?
Chop me down and truss me up
Stand me in the corner all dressed up
Watch me die and chop me up
Never get to see the snow
Who’d wanna be a tree like me?

Christmas comes but once a year
That’s one too many for me
It’s turned into a retail fest
Not what it used to be

D’ya wanna be Christmas Santa?
You wanna be like me?
Vetted by the local plod
To see if I’m some peado sod
Sat around in a big red coat
Smelly kiddies on my knee
Who’d wanna be a Santa like me?

Christmas ain’t no fun more
It’s lovely when it’s over
Don’t know what we do it for
The meanings lost on me

Don’t wanna be a Christmas turkey
Served up as a tasty treat
Don’t wanna be a Christmas tree
With prezzies at my feet
Don’t wanna be a Santa
Working for the minimum wage
Guess Christmas ain’t for me

Who’d wanna be a turkey like me?

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An update

My apologies to regular readers and followers of this blog. I can’t believe that the last time I added anything was when I released my 2020 Christmas single. 

Unfortunately things have not been going too well for me this year. I have not enjoyed the best of health and the drugs they have put me on seem to have sapped the creativity from my bones. I’m still here but a shadow currently of my former self. The music just isn’t flowing and lyrics are just not coming to me like they did. 

I’m sincerely hoping that this will be temporary. The drug regime is changing and so, hopefully, will my thought processes. I would have said ‘return to normal’ but I was never that in the first place. 

In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy my music on all the normal streaming services. That you are listening means the world to me and I hope the juices will start to flow again soon. 

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Christmas single 2020

In these gloomy times when we’re all locked down to limit our chances of dying, no real end in sight and Christmas on the horizon, I felt that my annual Christmas offering this year needed to be topical, so here it is.

I’ve based it around a Christmas song that you don’t here played much, most likely due to the reluctance to pay royalties to a convicted paedophile, Gary Glitter. So I’ve taken “Another rock ‘n’ roll Christmas” and hacked it about a bit.

It’s a catchy little song. The lyrics are infectious and with the right exposure, this one could go viral { groan }

Available now on all the best digital streaming and download sites, Happy Christmas!

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New album and single

Pleased to announce that I have a new album ‘Rockdown’ now available from all the usual streaming services and also a single from the album – ‘Isolation’

Bit of a departure from my usual blues based music in that this album is heavy rock and only heavy rock. I hope you enjoy it. As you might guess from the titles, it’s kept me busy while I wasn’t allowed out of the house.

Give it a listen on Spotify or Deezer or one of the many free streaming services if you don’t already have a subscription to any of them. After all, you can always delete it of you don’t like it 😉

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Bad News

Seems an appropriate title in these trying times. Hope it doesn’t depress you too much and that you’re all keeping safe out there.

Bad news bad news
My woman went away
Bad news bad news
My woman went away
All alone all alone
All alone since she went away

I’m all alone
Walking down that rusty dusty road
I’m all alone
Where i’m going i don’t know
I’m wandering like a hobo
No place to call my own

Like a ship without a rudder
Like a car without a wheel
Don’t know where I’m going
Can’t tell how i feel

Been so sad and lonely
Since she walked out the door
Been so sad and lonely
Since she walked out the door

Bad news bad news
She found somebody else
Bad news
Really doesn’t make no sense

You know I never saw it coming
Never had a clue
No I never saw it coming
What she was gonna do
Bad news bad news
Bad news
It could happen to you

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Street Corner Woman

Been quiet for a while whilst working on the next album with a couple of tracks now in the can. Without giving too much away, this one’s going to be heavy. ‘Nuff said.

In the meantime here’s a jazzy track off Smalltown Blues :

She’s a street corner woman
She’s a good time girl
Street corner woman
Knows just what to do
gonna make you happy
gonna make me blue

she wears a tight black skirt
she’s wearing high heeled shoes
Got a low cut blouse
Gonna smile at you
Take your money
Make a fool of you

Waiting back home
I know just where she’ll be
Waiting back home
She ain’t there with me
She’s a street corner woman
Plain to see

She makes a lot of money
Selling what she got
Makes a lot of money
‘cos she’s got a lot
Street corner woman
Working her plot

She knows her business
And she knows it well
It’s a high grade product
And she knows it sells
Street corner woman
Caught you in her spell

She’s not the kinda girl
You take home for tea
But she’s the sort of girl
That will do for me
But you get what you get
You don’t get it for free

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Thanks for 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 10.06.24
Wishing all my listeners a Happy New Year and thank you all for your encouragement and support throughout 2019.

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Somebody’s Acting Like a Fool

Another blues track off the ‘Smalltown Blues’ album which harks back to my very brief encounter with John Mayall way back when. I’ve tried to capture the style of that time with this one.

We had a stupid quarrel
And I don’t know what to do
We had a stupid quarrel
Something dumb with me and you
We need to talk it over
Somebody’s acting like a fool

We’ve been acting really stupid
Can we work out what to do?
We’ve been acting really stupid
Is it me or is it you?
We need to find an answer
Somebody’s acting like a fool

Somebody’s acting like a fool
Somebody’s acting like a fool
Tho’ my recollection’s hazy
I think that we’ve been acting crazy
We need to sort it out now
Somebody’s acting like a fool

I shouldn’t yell or holler
Get hot underneath my collar
We should try to keep it calm
Talking never did no harm
Got to pull ourselves together
Somebody’s acting like a fool

Somebody’s acting like a fool
We treat each other cruel
Like some kids just outta school
Somebody’s acting like a fool
We got to get our act together
Somebody’s acting like a fool

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With an election coming in a week’s time. I thought it apposite to post this as a comment on the sad choice before us.

Politicians – out for themselves
Politicians – don’t care for no-one else
Politicians – red or blue
Politicians – are out to screw you

I think the lyrics speak for themselves and I quite enjoyed playing the slide as well – but that’s just me.

His lips are moving
The words are coming out
His lips are moving
He’s sowing seeds of doubt
You know he’s lying
He doesn’t mean a word
What he’s saying
Is really quite absurd

His lips are moving
He’s trying to tell us lies
His body language
He really can’t disguise
He’s saying ‘Trust me’
Do you think you could
His lips are moving
He’s saying that you should

Playing their games
Always the same
You know they’re lying
When their lips move

He looks real natty
In his tailored suit
But beneath the shell
He doesn’t give a hoot
There’s no democracy
So just do what you’re told
You know he’s lying
When his lips move

You see them on the telly
You see them in the street
You know that it’s elections time
When they try to keep you sweet
They’ll tell you anything
To try and get your vote
But when it’s over
They’ve got you by the throat

Politicians – all the same
Politicians – Playing their games

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