Been quiet for a while whilst working on the new album, so here’s a little preview of what’s coming.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Texan style rock blues of ZZ Top, and this has a little of that flavour. It might well turn out to be the future title track but the jury is still out on that front.

Busy people everywhere
Rushing here and rushing there
There’s no time to sit and stare
Only time to shout and swear
Keep me safe from all of that
Isolate me from that crap
Give me time to be myself
Stop me being something else
Other people give me grief
Rob me of my self belief
I’m a loner, plain to see
But that seems to work for me

Safe and sound within my room
Hiding deep within the gloom
Not expecting I’ll get out
Not about to scream or shout
Here my fears fade away
Homely comforts all around
Things to keep me safe and sound
Hide away behind my door
Suits me fine I want no more
Just like things the way they are
No ambitions to go far

Disconnect that telephone
I’m quite happy on my own
Long as I can live my life
Free from trouble, free from strife
Want to join me? Come right in
Here your new life can begin
No more fear no more stress
Life out there is such a mess
Seems to work just fine to me
I’m a loner, can’t you see


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