New album released

Pleased to announce that my new album “Small Town Blues: has been released and that at the time of writing it is live on Spotify with loads of other streaming and download sites to follow over the next few days.

As the title suggests, it’s blues album. “Loner” and “Brexit Blues” have already been released as singles and I’ll post some more tracks on here over the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not check it out on Spotify. If you don’t already have an account, it doesn’t cost you anything to open a free one and all my other stuff is on there as well.

Hope you like the album as much as I enjoyed making it.


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Been quiet for a while whilst working on the new album, so here’s a little preview of what’s coming.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Texan style rock blues of ZZ Top, and this has a little of that flavour. It might well turn out to be the future title track but the jury is still out on that front.

Busy people everywhere
Rushing here and rushing there
There’s no time to sit and stare
Only time to shout and swear
Keep me safe from all of that
Isolate me from that crap
Give me time to be myself
Stop me being something else
Other people give me grief
Rob me of my self belief
I’m a loner, plain to see
But that seems to work for me

Safe and sound within my room
Hiding deep within the gloom
Not expecting I’ll get out
Not about to scream or shout
Here my fears fade away
Homely comforts all around
Things to keep me safe and sound
Hide away behind my door
Suits me fine I want no more
Just like things the way they are
No ambitions to go far

Disconnect that telephone
I’m quite happy on my own
Long as I can live my life
Free from trouble, free from strife
Want to join me? Come right in
Here your new life can begin
No more fear no more stress
Life out there is such a mess
Seems to work just fine to me
I’m a loner, can’t you see

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Take the Money and Run

Last track off the Handyman album. All done now and soon will be moving on to the next one.

This is about work. I used to love it so much that I couldn’t get enough of it. I think you can tell that from the lyrics.

Retirement was the best thing I ever did and I’ve never regretted it. Gives me time to write and record and do all the other things I like doing instead of climbing the greasy corporate pole. Anyway, I was never very good at office politics.

I wake up in the morning
Drag myself out of bed
Drink a cup of coffee and head for the train
Looking forward to the day ahead
Hey man it’s a beautiful day
But remember what they say
Somebody gonna spoil it
Cos they only want it done their way

Take the money and run
Don’t kid yourself you’re having fun
Ignore that crap that they’re dishing out
Take the money and run

Ain’t no use in arguing
It does no good
No-one is listening
Ain’t no reason they should
Going through the motions
Not giving a damn
Looking forward to home time
Remembering what they say

They say take the money and run
Don’t kid yourself you’re having fun
You’re no worse off than anyone else
So take the money and run

Everybody knows better than you
Everybody wants their own way
Keep your head down and zip your mouth
Don’t let them wreck your day!

I get home in the evening
Pour a good stiff drink
Watching the TV
And trying – not to think
Do it all again tomorrow
Earn my packet of pay
Remembering the golden rule
That gets you through the day

No such thing as a good job
Working for the boss ain’t fun
They’re gonna chew up everyone
So take the money and run
Take the money and run
Take the money and run
Don’t beat your head against a wall, man
Just take the money and run

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The new album is progressing quite well at the moment and the Brexit Blues single would seem to have been well received.

This is another track off Handyman. A bit slower this time. An accoustic number just to give you all a rest from the heavy bluesy rock stuff. I’m not quite sure where the lyrics came from other than to say that they reflect my bafflement at how easily some people just seem to drift through life, feeling nothing much at all.

Seems such a waste to me.

I‘ve been lots of places
I’ve seen lots of things
People existing
Not doing anything
Living in shadows
Out of the light
Going through the motions
Avoiding real life

Can’t hear the laughter
Can’t feel the pain
Don’t feel the sunshine
Or get wet in the rain
Life washes round them
Life passes them by
Seem to be alright
But don’t ask me why

I’m not feeling lonely
I’m doing just fine
I’m not in the shadows
I’m in the sunshine
People around me
Don’t feel what I feel
They don’t understand me
And don’t know what’s real

They can’t hear my laughter
They don’t share my pain
While I’m in the shelter
They’re out in the rain
Life washes by them
Like leaves in a stream
While I’m busy living
Life’s passing them by

Don’t know what I’m seeing
When I look at you
Living like shadows
Not knowing what to do
It all seems so tragic
Life passing them by
They seem to accept it
But don’t ask me why

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Brexit Blues

I don’t know if something like this has been done by somebody else, but it seems to me that if Brexit is such a fuck up then it’s an ideal subject for a blues song. After all, it’s a pretty damn depressing situation.

Anyhow, as anyone who’s followed me for a while will know, I’ve always had a thing about writing songs around current affairs, politics, social issues and the like, so here goes nothing.

Crank up the volume and enjoy.

You can’t believe a politician
Can’t believe a word they say
They say they know what’s best for you
That’s how they get their pay
You don’t know who they work for
And they do just what they like
They are your lords and masters
And they tell you what to do
You know they want to frighten you
You know that’s what they do
To scare you into giving up
Although it isn’t true
They roll out project fear
They do it every year
It’s worked in other places
So it really should work here

They asked me what I wanted
They let me have my say
But they really couldn’t care less
Gonna do it anyway
I told you once I told you no
I got the answer wrong
It’s not the one they wanted
And it’s totally insane
Safer stronger better off
We know what’s best for you
It turned out weak and wobbly
And here’s what we’re gonna do
Safer stronger better off
It’s all a guess at best
Safer stronger better off
To hell with all the rest

There’s a right way and a wrong way
And mine’s the one that’s wrong
They are our lords and masters
And they sing the same old song
They bullied me and lied to me
So you could get their way
It was totally irrelevant
What I had got to say
Safer stronger better off
Nobody really knows
Strong and stable, weak and wobbly
Gets right up your nose
Yes we’re leaving, no we’re not
It’s all a pack of lies
Safer stronger better off
They’re telling porky pies
And if we tell them no
Then they’ll ignore the things we’ve said
And if we say we’ll go along
Then it’s full speed ahead
Never mind democracy
To hell with all of you

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Learning to Fly

Been working on a new album and about half way there at the moment.

In the meantime here’s another rock track off “Handyman”

Don’t put me in a pigeonhole
Or hang a tag on me
Cos what you see
Is what you get with me
I’m not gonna be diverted
Not gonna be coerced
I’ve spread my wings
And now I’m gonna fly

You’ll never learn to fly
If you never try
Its better to fall down than not get up
Failure is another way
To find out how things work
I’d rather be a has been
Than be a never was

You criticize my dress sense
You say I don’t look hip
But I don’t care cos I’m relaxed with it
The car I drive is getting on
It feels a bit like me
I wonder if I’ll pass my MOT

If you don’t like my music
There’s nothing I can do
So look for something else more in tune with you
I play out what I’m feeling
Sometimes it’s out of tune
Sometimes I really wonder what I’m doing

Even if I fail at least know I tried
Don’t clip my wings or tie me down
Don’t tell me what to do
Don’t let me be a bird that never flew

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We’re Through

Been quiet for a while so here’s a bit of bluesy rock to liven things up a bit.

You know that when I met you girl
You were such a sweet young thing
I saved up all my money
So I could buy you a diamond ring
Well you put it on your finger
And put another through my nose
You been leading me around like a goddamn fool
And I ain’t gonna take no more
This time it’s really over
You and I are through

It seems to me that you think it’s funny
That you can mess me about
Every day it’s those little things
Those nagging little doubts
Well I’ve had enough
Of your fooling round
And getting things your way
It’s been like this
For much too long
It’s time to call it a day

You’re messing around with every man in town
And I never know where you are
So I followed you last Tuesday
To a sleazy little run down bar
You were kinda friendly with a guy called Eddie
Then you went back to his place
And when I asked you
Where you been girl?
You know you lied right to my face
So I got news for you
Get it through your head

You been messed around for far too long
And you know I’ve had enough
It’s plain to see that things are wrong
And the going’s getting tough
This time it’s really over
You and I are through

It seems to me that you think it’s funny
That you can mess me ‘round
You’re fooling around with every man in town
I never know where you are
You been leading me around like a goddamn fool
And I ain’t gonna take no more
Get it through your head girl
You and I are through

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