Highway Blues

Another song for all you blues lovers out there.

Currently I’m working on a new album which will be a return to pure blues. I’ll keep you posted.

Going down to the highway
Try to hitch a ride
Going down to the highway
Gotta hitch a ride
Don’t want to be here
Got to get away

Got a hitch from a trucker
Asked me where I’m bound
Got a hitch from a trucker
Asked me where I’m bound
I said anywhere will do man
I can’t hang around

Don’t know where I’m going
Need to get away
I don’t know where I’m going
Just can’t say
Going down that highway
Going far away

You know that you hurt me
With you fooling round
Yes you know that you hurt me
With your fooling round
I’m leaving on the highway
Gonna quit this town

It’s a great long road
Leading anywhere
Yes it’s a great long road
Where it goes i don’t care
Got to get me fresh start
Wash you out my hair


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Going Home

Happy New Year to all you blues lovers out there.

I guess I picked this song for today because of the first verse. I’m not a great lover of Hogmanay although the haggis I had for dinner was quite enjoyable. And New Year resolutions? Well, I’ve tried but never managed to keep one yet so now I don’t bother.

New Year, new blues song. Rather contradictorily, I’m happy.

I been downtown with a bunch of my mates
We drank some beer and we stayed out late
Now my head is banging , I can’t take no more
Just watch me walking out that door.
I’m going home
I’ve had enough
I’m going home

Worked all day for a packet of pay
Things ain’t really been going my way
I shuffled my papers and answered my phone
But my heart’s not in it so I’m going home
I’m going home
Leave me alone
I’m going home

I met this woman the other day
She took me to her place and said what’re’ya say
I was tempted for a minute til her man walked in
Asked for a tiresome but it ain’t my thing
So I’m going home
To my chill out zone
I’m going home

I get up in morning take a shower and shave
Look forward to a date as a wage slave
The train’s packed out each and every day
All the people look the other way
I’m going home
Home alone
I’m going home

I’m really quite happy being on my own
It really don’t bother me being alone
People often ask me what I like to do
well, I like to get away from this human zoo
I’m going home
Home on my own
I’m going home

Going home
I’m going home
I’m eading for my chill out zone
I’m going home
All alone
Disconnect the telephone
I’m going home ‘cos I’ve had enough
I’m going home

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Man

It’s Christmas so I thought I’d netter break away from the doom and gloom and give you all something upbeat!

This is where I came from really and where I still pretty much am today. I started in a band at school as a lot of us did. We had a lot of fun but we never made a lot of money but in those days money was seen as ‘selling out’ the music.

I love upbeat blues based rock which is why I enjoyed recording this song. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may your God go with you. Like Christmas, it ain’t about the money.

I cut my teeth in a high school band
Copying the riffs of that ol’ Slow Hand
We sounded pretty bad so said everyone
Never made money but we had some fun
Had a beat up old guitar and a ten watt amp
With dreams of owning a six foot stack
And a Les Paul Custom or a Fender Strat
I had a cheap ol’ copy and made do with that

I know what I am – I’m a rock ‘n’ roll man
I been a big fan since the day it began
I know what I am – I’m a rock ‘n’ roll man
Ain’t no mistaking this rock ‘n’ roll man

Don’t give me reggae I’m sure that it’s fine
And don’t give me ballads in 3 4 time
Give me the rhythm and give me them blues
Ain’t nothing else that’s gonna do
Take me back to those days in the clubs
And the run down rooms over run down pubs
Piled in with the gear in the back of the van
It was all worth it to this rock ’n’ man

Give a guitar and give me those drums
Give me a beat that moves my feet
You can tell me I’m wrong – I give a damn
‘cos I know what I am – I’m a rock ‘n’ roll man

Give me a beat that drives along
And I’ll give you a smile as you play that song
It’s the rhythm of life that you just can’t beat
It makes me what I am – I’m a rock ‘n’ roll man

I know what I am
I’m a rock ‘n’ roll man

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Stupid People

Given the events in Parliament in the last week over the Brexit plans, I thought that the title of this song was rather poignant – although it has sod all to do with Brexit!

Stupid people – we all know them don’t we? Especially if you live in my neck of the woods.

You can find them everywhere
Always getting in your hair
Doesn’t matter what you do
They will still gang up on you
Like to tell you what they think
Always kicking up a stink
Don’t care if you’re wrong or right
Shut up or they’ll start a fight
Stupid people everywhere
Stupid people just don’t care

And whenever things go wrong
They all sing the same old song
They will tell you what to do
Then that it’s all down to you
Doesn’t matter what you say
They will always have their way
Stupid people just don’t care
Stupid people everywhere

Mustn’t grumble or complain
Mustn’t moan or be a pain

Mustn’t grumble or complain
Mustn’t moan or be a pain
Stupid people everywhere
Everywhere is just the same
Shut your mouth don’t make a fuss
Even when you’ve enough
Stand ‘em up against the wall
Line ‘em up and shoot ‘em all

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Send the Cavalry

Every year, I get together with a blogger mate and produce a Christmas single. Never mind “Mistletoe and Wine” because you can keep the mistletoe, just send the bloody wine!

Anyhow, this years turkey for the chopping block is one I’ve hated ever since I first heard it – Jonah Lewie. Sorry Jonah, but I really hate this song. Good luck to you, because I’ve no doubt it makes a great pension fund, but it’s not for me so I’ve rewritten it. Hope you have a sense of humour?

So here it is – click this link – “Send the Cavalry (Stop the Jonah Lewie)” and give it a listen.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s loads more in my Christmas Album for Christmas haters everywhere “Crappy Christmas”. Enjoy!

Please click the links! It’s free for you and I’m just a poor old pensioner who desperately needs the money for Christmas.

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I’ve just completed a new album – ‘Handyman’. It’s a return to my roots and concentrates on blues and rock music.

I’ve uploaded it to my record company who are now in the process of distributing it to Spotify, GooglePlay, iTunes and loads of others. Should be available shortly. So in the meantime, here’s a taster. It’s the title track.

** UPDATE ** The album is now live on Spotify, Amazon, deezer, Tidal and others

Tell me when your fuse is broken
Tell me when your lights don’t work
You can make a call to me girl
Any time of night or day
I can be there in a jiffy
Show you all the things I do

‘cos I’m your handyman
Doing what I can
No job too big to handle
I can you bring peace of mind
Let me sort out all your problems
Let me be your handyman

If you think your battery’s failing
And you don’t what to do
I can plug you in my charger
It’ll soon be good as new
I can get you up and running
That’s the sort of thing I do

I’m your handyman
Let me lend a hand
I’m your handyman
Doing what I can
Any time of night or day
I can be your handyman

Got myself a great big tool bag
Got a tool for every job
Big or small it makes no difference
Never found a job too odd
If you’re feeling down or broken
I can always fix you up

I’m your handyman
I’m your helping hand
I can handle any problem
Ain’t no job too big or small
You should always keep me close ‘cos
I’m your ever loving handyman

I can handle all your problems
If you let me be your handyman

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Bad News Girl

I’ve been quiet for a while while I’ve been working on the next album. Here’s a taster of what’s to come – a song inspired by the behaviour of my ex wife.

I’m not bitter and twisted about it as it was a long time ago, but they do say that the best stuff comes when you write about stuff that’s been significant in your life. If you listen to the words, then you’ll know what I mean.

I played this recently to a guy I met on a cruise that I’ve got to know quite well. His comment was “Christ, mate! You’ve just written the story of my life!”

I used to think that I knew her quite well
Only goes to show you never can tell
She had her very own version of hell
On tap
Met her at a party she was all on her own
Never asked why but I guess I should have known
She looked real scary so I should have known better
Oh well!

Soon found out that she was one of a kind
Never ever knew what was going through her mind
She’s not all there – you’ll never guess what’s coming
She’s been screwing around with the guy next door
Fooling around – and acting like a whore
You get to the point you can’t take any more
No way!

The girl is mental – She’s a bad news story
I got stuck with her then now I’m glad she’s gone
I wish I’d never met her but it’s too late for that
Too bad!
It’s like a real bad dream – but you never wake up
A loaded gun that’s being pointed your way
She’ll never listen to a single thing
You say

She stole my cash and she drank my booze
I know should’ve dumped her while I’d nothing to lose
Or maybe I should just have palmed her off on you

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