Shit Happens

The last track I put on here was a bit too merry – so in order to redress the balance, here’s a blues number all about life and how it kicks you in the teeth. All the time. Get over it.

Shit happens every day
It doesn’t matter what you say
Shit happens
You can’t make it go away
Any time and any day
Shit happens

If you lose your wallet on the train
Or grow a tumour in your brain
Shit happens
It’s all the same
It’s just degree – can’t you see?
Shit happens

It’s not like there is something you can do
To stop this bullshit happening to you
You might as well give up and crack a laugh
It’s all part of life’s rich farce

You might think that staying home in bed
Prevents the ceiling falling on your head
But it really doesn’t
Nothing does
You might as well give up because
Shit happens

If you fall down upon your arse
Or your partner leaves and breaks your heart
Shit happens
Every day
Accept that things will fall apart
Shit happens

There’s nothing much that you can do
Shit happens


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Recently I’ve felt the urge to return to my roots with a good ol’ bit of electric blues – so I’ve recorded this little ditty about materiality and happiness.

I think it rocks along quite nicely. Hope you enjoy it!

He’s got a great big house and a fancy car
It seems me that he’s going far
But he ain’t happy
No no he ain’t happy
He’s got an Eye-talian suit and a whole lotta loot
But he ain’t happy

He’s got a highly paid job, and a whole lotta dosh
Got a house in France and a great big yacht
But he ain’t happy?
Oh No, he ain’t happy
It’s great to have wealth but it can’t buy you health
He ain’t happy

He’s got a model wife – likes to spend his money
You know I think that’s – kinda funny
That he ain’t happy
No no he ain’t happy
Busy busy busy – got no time to himself
He ain’t happy

Eats expensive food, drinks expensive wine
You might think that he’s doing fine
But he ain’t happy
Oh No, he ain’t happy
Would you wanna be him? Well I’m glad I’m not
‘cos he ain’t happy

Would you want what he’s got?
I’d rather have my lot
And be happy.

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New Single

Given all the stuff that’s going on around the elections and Brexit, I thought it was an appropriate time to release this song as a single, so I’ve uploaded it this morning.

It should be available on all good music sites (Sptoify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes, Googleplay and several others) over the next few days.

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Cheap Wine

Ever been to a party and taken the cheapest bottle of wine you could find hoping to palm it off onto somebody else while you drink the decent stuff – only to find that everybody else brought cheap crap as well? Let’s be honest here. We’ve all done it!

Well serves you right when you wake up the next day with a dose of the trots and the hangover from hell. This song is for you.

Went to a party the other night
Took a few drinks to make me feel alright
Oh man! Did I get it wrong?
That’s why I wrote this song

Cheap wine
Going to your head
Cheap wine
Wishing you were dead
Cheap wine
Stay away
Got no time
For cheap wine

If you wanna feel mellow, you wanna feel fine
If you wanna loosen up and have a real good time
Sink another whisky or sink another beer
But take some advice and give me your ear

It gets real bad
When you’re drinking cheap wine
When your head starts throbbin’
It’s a real bad sign
Take my advice
Try something else instead
Life’s too short for cheap wine

When you wanna take it easy and you wanna kick back
Drinking cheap wine is like a nuclear attack
It goes to your stomach and it goes to your head
And the hangover’s gonna make you wish you were dead

Got no time, got no time, got no time
For cheap wine

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It’s the bleat of the decade : “Woe is me! I’m really, really upset that people can’t see things my way!” and you hear it all the time, so I thought why not write a song to celebrate the outstanding qualities of the entitlement generation? Not, of course, that they actually seem to have any – but I’d never say that because I wouldn’t want to upset them!

So here it is : “Snowflake”, a song for the millennials. I don’t expect they’ll want to buy it, but never mind.

I like things the way that I like them
I like folk to do what I say
It really upsets me
When people neglect me
Or don’t let me have my own way
The people who think the way I do
Are always invariably right
I’m having my say
So move out of the way
While I throw my toys out the pram

‘cos I’m just a snowflake
I’m thin on the ground
I’m just a snowflake
I don’t hang around
I melt in the sun
It isn’t much fun
I’m there for a minute then gone

I don’t care if I am outnumbered
I don’t care if you disagree
It’s my human right
To put up a fight
‘Cos you’re not important like me
I’m out on the street with my banner
I’m chanting along with the rest
I know what I want
And I want it right now
I don’t care if you think I’m a pest

I can’t see why you have a problem
For me it’s quite easy to see
I’m easily offended
When I feel up ended
‘Cos you’re not agreeing with me
I’m really a sensitive person
I’m really a delicate thing
I damage quite easy
And I feel very queasy
When things are not going my way

Yes, I’m just a snowflake
A delicate thing
I’m just a snowflake
My skin’s really thin
I know I’m a pain
But one drop of rain
Is all that it takes and I’m gone

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Must be doing something right!

Seems that my music is going down quite well. On Spotify, the title track off my ‘Greybeard’ album has been played over 11,000 times which I think is pretty cool. Somebody out there must like my stuff.

However, on the less happy front it seems my music is liked even more on the other side of what used to be the iron curtain. I came across a torrent site this morning where my ‘Greybeard’ and ‘New Tricks’ albums have been downloaded 612 and 825 times respectively and there’s no shortage of seeds either, predominantly in Russia and Bulgaria. So that’s 1,437 times about £6 in royalties I won’t be getting – or around £8,500! Rats!!!

Success is a lovely thing and even though I didn’t start off doing this for the money, it would be nice to earn some from it in these times when every penny counts, epecially for an old git like me.

Never mind. C’est la vie!

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This is what we find

I was at a wine society meeting a few weeks back when a friend reminded me of an old track by Ian Dury and the Blockheads with an interesting lyric as Ian’s stuff often was.

This isn’t a cover version of that track, but the title was nicked from Ian and the style might be considered somewhat of a homage? Anyhow, it’s my first new track of 2017 so I hope you enjoy it.

As an aside, I used to use Dropbox to host my music files, but they’re changing their system and the HTML used on this site to play stuff no longer works with their new file names. Thanks guys. As a result, I’ve had to rewrite the entire site. Thanks again guys.

The new player takes a little longer to load than the old one. Sorry about that but at least it works.

I knew a man whose given name was Roger
Who like to treat the girlies with his todger
He thought it would be fine
If he tried it on with mine
‘til I caught ‘em in a threesome with his lodger
I thought ‘What shall I do?’
But I had some four by two
So I introduced it to his head one night
This is what we find

You should never trust a wide boy with your money
He’ll sure as hell be up to something funny
And if you sit him down
And ask him what he’s doing
He’ll simply give you loads and loads of bunny
He’ll think it’s really funny
That he’s spending all your money
Whatever happens he will be just fine
This is what we find

You should never try to teach a pig to fly
You should never try to teach that pig to sing
Now matter how you try
That pig will never fly
And I’m about to tell you one more simple thing
You can’t trust a politician
Even though you’re wishing
It’s your interests that he’s got close to his heart
That pig will not grow wings
And it’s never going to sing
This is what we find
It’s annoys the pig and takes up all your time
This is what we find
But you can open up your mind
To all sorts of crazy things
This is what we find
Remember this, my friend
Now we’re coming to the end
This is what we find

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