With an election coming in a week’s time. I thought it apposite to post this as a comment on the sad choice before us.

Politicians – out for themselves
Politicians – don’t care for no-one else
Politicians – red or blue
Politicians – are out to screw you

I think the lyrics speak for themselves and I quite enjoyed playing the slide as well – but that’s just me.

His lips are moving
The words are coming out
His lips are moving
He’s sowing seeds of doubt
You know he’s lying
He doesn’t mean a word
What he’s saying
Is really quite absurd

His lips are moving
He’s trying to tell us lies
His body language
He really can’t disguise
He’s saying ‘Trust me’
Do you think you could
His lips are moving
He’s saying that you should

Playing their games
Always the same
You know they’re lying
When their lips move

He looks real natty
In his tailored suit
But beneath the shell
He doesn’t give a hoot
There’s no democracy
So just do what you’re told
You know he’s lying
When his lips move

You see them on the telly
You see them in the street
You know that it’s elections time
When they try to keep you sweet
They’ll tell you anything
To try and get your vote
But when it’s over
They’ve got you by the throat

Politicians – all the same
Politicians – Playing their games

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Filed under Accoustic, Blues, Protest

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