Go Fourth and Play

This is my fourth album and the first one that I am really happy to unleash on the general public. It’s a serious album which is a mixture of original compositions and covers of some of my favourite tracks.

Just click on the song title to play the track.

If you want to listen to this in better than mp3 quality, then is is available, with covers, for free download on bit torrent. Just search under “Chas Crane torrent” on Google

  1. Come Up and See Me (Make me smile)
    A cover version of the great Steve Harley classic
  2. Lyin’ Woman Blues
    An original composition dedicated to my ex-wife. I play everything except the drums
  3. All Around My Hat
    A traditional song in the style of Steeleye Span but using the original lyrics
  4. Empty Chairs
    An oldie by Don McLean off the American Pie album
  5. Lazy Sunday
    My cover version of the classic Small Faces hit
  6. Soldiers
    A short but never the less poinient song by James Taylor
  7. End of the Line
    A great favourite of mine by the Travelling Wilburys
  8. What’s Going On?
    An original composition in ‘collabration’ with the great John Mayall
  9. Jazzy
    A jazz instrumental I composed using Mixcraft
  10. Mars
    My first attempt at Techno music
  11. Barfly Blues
    A rock blues track that I wrote whilst sitting on an aeroplane contemplating the arrival of the drinks trolley!
  12. Life is Shit
    Written during a red wine moment, this is sometimes how I feel but thankfully not often!

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