Rewrite Your Life (unplugged)

Here’s an unplugged version of a track of my 2013 album “Twisted Logic” that is a comment on the digital age, Facebook, Twitter etc and has a darker side about grooming and peadophile if you read between the lines.

Basically it’s about the truly sad people out there who simply can’t live with life the way it was dealt out by fate and, frankly, find it easier to lie about themselves than do something about it. in the 21st century what could be easier than to just reinvent yourself when face to face contact is just a thing of the past.

Given that earlier today I was reading about the 999 service being forced onto texting and apps for smartphones, this seems even more pertinent.

As before with ‘Unplugged’ there’s a link to the original if you want to compare the two and comments are invited.

Here’s the original



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4 responses to “Rewrite Your Life (unplugged)

  1. By far my favorite track so far, I like the piano or b3 hammond maybe? jingle on it and the song is so good its made it to my best of the month playlist (stays around for 1 year though) fucking well done that was very good mate.


    • You’re most kind. It’s a bog standard upright piano, no electrics on this album at all. Must get around to setting up a page for this now I’ve released all the tracks!

      Started on the next one, but going through a bit of inspiration block at the moment


  2. I dunno some people think I’m a ass who isn’t kind enough I have my good days though. I particularly like the part about eric clapton and phony life on social media like twitter in the song people not being grateful. Inspiration block ? you ever listen to Frank Zappa He’s a musicial genius you should listen to uncle meat or early mothers of invention like freak out or we’re only in it for the money you might even be influenced by him already I’ve noticed some similarities in the comedy rock vain. I was gonna put a link to uncle meat album but I dunno how you feel about stuff like that you can find it on youtube…… actually just checked can’t find the full album but there’s snippets here and there if your interested.


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