Faking It (live & unplugged)

Here’s something little different from the ‘Unplugged’ album because this one is not only unplugged, it’s a live recording as well. No effect, no mixing, no mastering just me and a guitar.

If you want the video and lyrics from the original track off the ‘Twisted Logic’ album, then click [here]



Filed under Accoustic

2 responses to “Faking It (live & unplugged)

  1. Not bad pretty good actually, I like the ironic humour of it like frank zappa or john cale I hear alot of that in this song and for a song without effects or mixing its pretty good by itself .


    • Thanks – glad you liked it.
      If you looked at the video on the electric version you might detect a certain rip off of Foo Fighters (nicked it off Muvizu with a bit of doctoring). For some reason the lip sync goes out when you put it on YouTube. The original is spot on but there’s a delay in the uploaded one. C’est la vie!


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