Cheap Wine

Ever been to a party and taken the cheapest bottle of wine you could find hoping to palm it off onto somebody else while you drink the decent stuff – only to find that everybody else brought cheap crap as well? Let’s be honest here. We’ve all done it!

Well serves you right when you wake up the next day with a dose of the trots and the hangover from hell. This song is for you.

Went to a party the other night
Took a few drinks to make me feel alright
Oh man! Did I get it wrong?
That’s why I wrote this song

Cheap wine
Going to your head
Cheap wine
Wishing you were dead
Cheap wine
Stay away
Got no time
For cheap wine

If you wanna feel mellow, you wanna feel fine
If you wanna loosen up and have a real good time
Sink another whisky or sink another beer
But take some advice and give me your ear

It gets real bad
When you’re drinking cheap wine
When your head starts throbbin’
It’s a real bad sign
Take my advice
Try something else instead
Life’s too short for cheap wine

When you wanna take it easy and you wanna kick back
Drinking cheap wine is like a nuclear attack
It goes to your stomach and it goes to your head
And the hangover’s gonna make you wish you were dead

Got no time, got no time, got no time
For cheap wine


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Filed under Blues, Rock

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