Shit Happens

The last track I put on here was a bit too merry – so in order to redress the balance, here’s a blues number all about life and how it kicks you in the teeth. All the time. Get over it.

Shit happens every day
It doesn’t matter what you say
Shit happens
You can’t make it go away
Any time and any day
Shit happens

If you lose your wallet on the train
Or grow a tumour in your brain
Shit happens
It’s all the same
It’s just degree – can’t you see?
Shit happens

It’s not like there is something you can do
To stop this bullshit happening to you
You might as well give up and crack a laugh
It’s all part of life’s rich farce

You might think that staying home in bed
Prevents the ceiling falling on your head
But it really doesn’t
Nothing does
You might as well give up because
Shit happens

If you fall down upon your arse
Or your partner leaves and breaks your heart
Shit happens
Every day
Accept that things will fall apart
Shit happens

There’s nothing much that you can do
Shit happens


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