Naturally Superior

Just once in a while you come across somebody who is just so far up his own backside and stuffed full of his own self importance that you just have to play it out of your system. That’s why I wrote this song!

Here’s the lyrics :

Anyone can see that you’re not as good as me
What makes you think that you should be?
Some of us deserve the best things in life
It’s simply not you – it’s me!

I’m naturally superior
It’s just the way it is
Naturally superior
Breeding gives me the edge
Naturally superior
Anyone can see
Naturally superior
You’re not as good as me!

Some of us are leaders, others follow on
We know what’s best for you
Some of you aren’t able to think for yourselves
So we’ll tell you what to do
Some of us have taste, some of us have none
That’s the difference between me and you
It’s not that I want it that way
It’s just the way it is

Naturally superior
I got the silver spoon
Naturally superior
You got the short straw I got the long
Naturally superior
It’s obvious to me
Naturally superior
You’re not important like me!

Natural selection
It’s Darwinian fact
Breeding makes a difference
It’s something I’ve got
That the rest of you lack

I drive a Bentley, you drive a Ford
I’ve got lots of stuff that you can’t afford
I know my place in the scheme of things
It’s important that you do too
I eat at the Ritz on a silver service
You eat McDonalds on a cardboard plate
I go to the opera while you watch TV
That’s why you’re not as good as me


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Filed under Accoustic, Humour

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