I like You The Way You Are

As regular visitors to this site will have figured out, I don’t really do love songs because, to be honest, whenever I’ve tried they’ve turned out to be soppy, sentimental crap best consigned to the musical dustbin.

However, as it was my 31st anniversary recently, I decided I’d try this little number as a tribute to my good lady. Now you might be expecting a nice little romantic ballad but I don’t really do that sort of stuff either – so here’s a piece of heavy rock instead!

(I’ve not actually worked up the nerve to play it to her yet)

Here’s the lyrics :

You don’t bother with designer outfits
You get your clothes from M&S
I like the way you look in the morning
Even though your hair’s a mess
You don’t pack airs and graces
And you call a spade a spade
But there’s nothing that needs changing
‘Cos I like the way you’re made

You might be not world famous
You might not be a movie star
You might not be a millionaire
But I like you the way you are

You might not own a Ferrari
But you’re a star in an ordin’ry car
You sure rev up my engine
And together we’ll go far
You don’t need lots of makeup
You don’t need fancy hair
You don’t need plastic surgery
To look pretty good to me

You say you’re nothing special
That you’re pretty ordin’ry
But I have to disagree ‘cos
I like you the way you are

I like the way you tell it straight
Even when we disagree
You don’t take any bullshit
Even from the likes of me

Some girls pile the makeup on
They think it makes them smart
But what they end up looking like
Is just a third rate tart
They’re running up their gold card
But you don’t need stuff like that
‘cos even when you slob around
You still look pretty class

I wonder what you’re doing
Hanging round with me
I know I won’t do better
I like you the way you are


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