Head Games

Time to move on from the unplugged stuff and get back to a bit of good old electric blues and start thinking about the next album. There’s some ideas floating around my head including perhaps reforming the old Blues Merchants?

This is a song about people messing with your head, manipulating you – that sort of thing.

Here’s the lyrics :

You tell me one thing then you do another
I never know what you mean
What do you want?
What do you need me to do?
The things you say don’t make no sense

Make up your mind stop sitting on the fence
Is what you’re telling me really what you meant?
Let’s be clear. Let’s cut the crap
Do you think maybe we can do that?
Stop playing silly games with my head

Head games – Wadda ya mean?
Head games – never what they seem

What are your plans – does anybody know
Do you wanna stay here or do you wanna go?
Leaning to the left or leaning to the right
If it’s out of mind then it’s out of sight
Give in gracefully or put up a fight

Head games – messing with my head
Head games – can’t figure what you said

Can’t trust a politician to mean what they say
They screw anybody just to get their way
You’ll never guess what on their minds
You’ll never know until you’re outta time
Head games – playing all the time
Head games!



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3 responses to “Head Games

  1. This song perfectly describes my last girlfriend Head Games indeed ,pretty good song. Your pretty brave being a musician in these days of the internet where you can get anything for free half of my stuff composes of stolen music then again I got half of it on youtube, through a website called clip converter you copy the share address and you can get almost anything sucks doesn’t it?


  2. I know where you’re coming from – that’s why I don’t charge for my stuff. Money these days is in live performance. I put three off my earlier albums on Pirate Bay myself.

    As you can see from the site, I give the stuff away. Thankfully I can afford not to be init for the money! I just want people to enjoy what I do so it’s always nice when people come up and say so. It would also be great if a band picked some of it up and did their versions of it. I live in hope!


    • Chas C

      A regrettable change of heart. Other than the first three albums, I’ve now put my stuff up for sale on iTunes etc. I don’t expect I’ll make much, but as they say ‘every little helps’.
      You can still listen to it on here for free. Ditto on Spotify and similar streaming sites. Blame the appallingly low interest rates on my savings!


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