Alice Blues

My good friend Dioclese went off on a another jaunt – this time to Australia where he spent some time in the red centre at Alice Springs and Ayres Rock.

Seems he wasn’t too impressed with Alice Springs. Flew in, flew out. look at the Rock, drove back for 5 hours and then got a train to Darwin. For all you people reading this that live in Australia, I’m sorry but the whinge was so good that I put it to music and he’s supplied the video.

Enjoy it. It’s only a bit of a laugh!

Alice Blues
Nothing to do
I got those Alice Blues
Alice Blues
One horse town
Got the Alice Blues
Middle of nowhere
Nothing to do
Got those Alice Blues

Blazing sun
Not much fun
Got the Alice Blues
Hanging around
Killing time
Got the Alice Blues
Leaving soon
Can’t be too soon
Got the Alice Blues

Lots of dust
Gets everywhere
Got the Alice Blues
Best seen
From the top of a hill
Got the Alice Blues
Don’t look so good
Right up close
Got those Alice Blues

Flew in Monday
Out the same day
Ain’t no reason
For me to stay
Only thing
That worries me
Gotta come back
The same damn way

Out to the Rock
Then back again
Got the Alice Blues
No other reason
For coming here
Got the Alice Blues
Won’t be back
Anytime soon
Got the Alice Blues

Ice cold in Alice
No damn way
Got the Alice Blues
Long way away
And I like it that way
Got the Alice Blues
Ain’t no place
Like a town like Alice
Got the Alice Blues

So damn hot
It’s only the flies that move
Everybody got those Alice Blues


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