Here’s a bit of rocking blues about people making lots of money out of setting up charities.

I’ve never understood what makes an organisation a charity. The rules in the UK seem barmy to me. My local U3A is a charity and as far as I can tell it does nothing that I’d recognise as in any way charitable. I just don’t get it – so let me play it out of my system.

I think this track will make the Greybeard album. The artwork is progressing, but Mrs C has decided it looks too aggressive and that she doesn’t like it so a possible rethink is on the cards…

Sitting in the rain on the corner of the street
Begging money with a cup at my feet
Then a light went off in my brain
I knew my life would never be the same
I think it’s kinda funny
How people make their money
Then it occurred to me
I need to start a charity

I haven’t got a kid and I haven’t got a wife
That didn’t stop me re-writing my life
I went somewhere where the people didn’t now me
And told them how my kid was snatched away
I didn’t have a picture
So I got one from the web
And I told the local papers
How it messed with my head

He didn’t have a mother so I hired him a mum
We put on the telly – she was giving it some
The tears were flowing and so was the cash
Nobody suspected it was all a load of trash
I needed an office
So I bought a big house
And a couple of cars
One each for me and my spouse

I’m not doing
Anything wrong
The money’s rolling in
It didn’t take long
To get my story out
For people to feel sorry
And give me loads and loads
Of hard earned lolly

We printed lot of posters for everyone to see
And the company that printed them was owned by me
We got rich quick you know it didn’t take long
And then I wrote a book telling how it went wrong
It’s a best seller
It’s serialed in the Sundays
The movie rights went stellar!
The book tour starts on Monday

Get yourself a charity
Easy as your ABC
All you needs a story
And you could be as rich as me

We never looked back
I think it’s kinda funny
How people feel good
By giving me their money


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