Old Friends

Bit of a story behind this one : Last weekend I went along to a 60th birthday party hosted by a lady I haven’t seen for over 40 years who got my e-mail address from another friend who I hadn’t seen for 40 years. God bless the interwebz!!

Anyway, when I sat and thought about it this morning, this song sort of popped into my head and then this afternoon while my good lady was at yoga, it sort of found it’s way into production. These things happen.

And one of the people I was chatting away merrily with was a Kinks fan so that sort of found it’s way into the general feel of the things as well. Hopefully any of you that were there or know me will realise that there’s a bit of tongue in cheek going on and will apply the necessary sense of humour to the lyrics (which I’ve reproduced below). Some of you might even be able to pick yourselves out as part of the inspiration.

And as one of you quite rightly pointed out, I can’t sing so I’ve built that in as well.

Hope nobody is offended – but if you are, I haven’t seen you in 40 years so it’s unlikely to have a huge impact on my life ;-0

Well, I went to a party the other weekend
Where I met a load of people thought I’d never see again
There were people standing at the bar I’d wiped from my mind
Who told me things about myself I’d buried in time

Tell me what you’ve done
And how lived your life
Is the woman that you brought along
Your first or second wife
Tell me where you live these days
And how it came about
And all about your family
And your hobbies and your house

Well it can be disconcerting when you uncover things
That you’re certain never happened but they promise you they did
You’ve not seen them for 40 years – you totally lost touch
Now your view of friends united is it’s not worth much

Have you packed up work
Or still working for a living
Is the car you parked outside
The only one you’re driving
Where do you take your holidays
And why do you go there
Tell me all about yourself
As if I really care

It’s a strange and weird experience
Meeting people from the past
Who are not like you remember
If you remember them at all

They showed me some old photographs they took outside a pub
But the person staring back at me was someone I don’t know
We talked of boy and girl friends that we knew in the past
And the music that we listened to was never going to last

How do you pass your time these days
And why do you do that
I listened to your music
And I think it’s pretty crap
You know that when I knew you
All those years ago
I thought that it was just a fad
And you would let it go

I used to go out with that girl who married my best mate
And the love that they felt for one another quickly turned to hate
She says she missed her chance with me and fancied me a lot
But it seems I failed to notice her or simply lost the plot

After 40 years of working
I finally packed it in
It wasn’t up to much
I wouldn’t do it all again
Some of them did better than me
And some of them did worse
But I’m still alive and kicking
And not lying in a hearse….


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