Tomorrow is Another Day

This is the final track for the ‘Buspass Anarchist’ album although I confess to getting a bit out of sequence by adding the accoustic version of Sleep, which is actually the final track. Anyway, when I met up with my old friend Trevor the other weekend – a guy I hadn’t seen for about 42 years – he reminded me of when a group of us used to go up to Shaftesbury Avenue on a Sunday night to see bands like Cream and Hendrix.

For the last 30 years I’ve been trying to remember the name of the Saville Theatre (nothing to do with Jimmy I hasten to add) where Brian Epstein used to run Saville on Sunday concerts.

Turns out that Trev still has an old program from those days that he bought the day we saw Hendrix up there. So, Trev, this one is dedicated to you and you’ll see why from the style. I’m not in the same class, but at least – as you reckon I can’t sing – you’ll have to admit that Hendrix couldn’t either.

Didn’t stop him being bloody good, tho’ did it?

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Filed under Blues, Rock

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