Sleep (Accoustic version)

I hate to waste a good lyric, so here’s the unplugged – some would say unhinged – version of Tony Groves’ song that I’ve added to the album as a sort of bonus track.

One more track to go and this album’s done then I can think about what to do next. Any ideas?



Filed under Accoustic, Lyrics by Tony Groves

2 responses to “Sleep (Accoustic version)

  1. Getting file not found message. Problem my end or your Chas?


  2. Works fine this end, Tony. Could be a temporary problem on Dropbox as this sometimes happens. I use a public Dropbox folder to hold all my files and occasionally their server gets busy or drops out.

    Sometimes resolved by clicking the download link. If you get an unobtainable or not found error, then it’s at the dropbox end and the only answer is to wait a few minutes and try again. As I often say, this digital shit ain’t as clever as they make out!


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