Living on the Dole

Today I am a happy bunny. One of my favourite bands is coming to my home town and I have obtained my ticket.

I have always been a fan of the Blockheads both with and after Ian Dury. New Boots and Panties was and still is a favourite album that gets played in my house and car all the time. Ian was a great lyricist and I wish I was as good. I have even been known to ‘adapt’ a couple of blockheads backing tracks in my earlier, more humorous, period. (Sorry lads. Hope you don’t mind!)

It has been pointed out to me that on some of my stuff I sound a bit like Ian, but I can’t see it myself. Anyway, here’s a track of the new album that I hope he would have liked


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One response to “Living on the Dole

  1. Hi Chas. I just checked out what you did with that poem. Loved it. Funny what you say above about Ian Dury, because when I listened to the track, that was the first thought that came to mind, very Dury-esque. I didn’t get the email, but if you sent it to my G-mail address, I don’t really use that one except as an address for facebook to send millions of notifications that I’m not interested in. I do quite a bit of singing myself and I figure that was wordy enough to take a fair bit of puff. Made me smile hearing my words set to music. Cheers!


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