What’s Your Name?

Track six off ‘Blues Merchant’ is about a breed of people who really get up my nose – the so called ‘people person’ who claims that he thinks that he’s really in tune with you, a team player, someone who values you as a person and appreciates you as a human being.

In my opinion these people value you about as much as a call centre recorded message that says “Your call is important to us” – which is, of course, why we’re routing your call through a computer in the hope that you’ll get bored and go away before we have to talk to you and in any case at least we made a lot of money from BT while you were holding on! Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!

I’m writing a song at the moment about call centres, but that’s a story for another day.

Meanwhile, this is another accoustic offering that I hope you’ll enjoy. Maybe you’ll even relate to it.


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Filed under Accoustic, Blues

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