Pave Me Over

Here’s a first for this site – a video!

I was forced to chastise my good friend Dioclese because he hadn’t bothered to put videos to any of my stuff recently, so he came up with this one when I sent him the next track off the ‘Blues Merchant’ album. This is a gutsy blues about ‘eco-crap’ as I like to call it!

It gets to me all the people who spout garbage about being ‘green’ and ‘saving the planet’ so I wrote a song about a bloke who basically doesn’t give a damn about the planet’s fate just as long as he gets to make a few quid out of it. I wrote it while I was in Tenerife earlier in the year. I went to a village I used to know for lunch in a little restaurant I rather liked.

Not only had they paved over the village, they even paved over the church and the square with mile after mile of appartments. Who the hell would want to live in them I cannot imagine.

Anyway, here’s the video. Please leave a comment a tell me what you think.


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