Way of the World

This is the final track of the ‘Shooting for Pork’ album and I find it’s always good to leave on a healthy note of cynicism about the state of the world, society, all that stuff – so why break the habit of a lifetime?

Suppose I’d better start thinking about the next album…..?

I guess it’s kinda funny when you got all the money
And I Guess it ain’t so funny when you ain’t
Sitting in my penthouse looking at the slums
Waiting ‘til they’re cleared away
It’s spoiling my view -I don’t care about you
You’re getting in my way
I’m brushing you aside like a buzzing little fly
You know you’ve had your day

Watching all the big guys stomping on the little guys
Watching how the money goes round
Seeing all the rich guys buying out the little guys
Ain’t that the way of the world

So you reckon that I really don’t care?
You kinda nailed it there
You live in a slum and you’re – eating muck
In this life you make own luck
Sticking your hand out – begging in the street
I’m gonna walk on by
I did OK and I had my say
While no-body was listening to you

And if you wonder how it ended up like this
Well, you’ve only got yourself to blame

You let it all happen – you didn’t give a damn
No use to kick up a fuss
I get the money while you the blame
And it’s always gonna be the same
Moaning on Twitter, creating a storm
It’s just a waste of your time
It’s the way of the world, it’s how it is
You’re never gonna make it change

Start yourself a hash tag – see how you go
It’s just the way of the world


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