Funny Old Life

Funny Old Life cover

I’ve recently been uploading a lot of my albums onto various digital distribution sites such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play but it occurred to me that there’s a bit of my earlier stuff that’s never been released or blogged – especially some of the humorous stuff.

So I decided to add a new album called “Funny Old Life”. The cover is shown above and hopefully by the time you read this it’ll be winging it’s way onto those sites so you can listen to it there.

Here’s the track list :

01 – Small Town Man (live)
02 – The Family Tree
03 – Global Warming – The Ecology Song (live)
04 – Ratshitter Rap (The Benedict Song)
05 – Mid Life Crisis
06 – Salad & Fish (live)
07 – Superinjunction
08 – Eurotrash
09 – Rusty Springbox
10 – Ratshitter II – The Resignation
11 – Sea Cloud Blues (live)
12 – The Memoirs Group
13 – The Repeal Bill Song (live)
14 – The Christmas Song (live)
15 – The Polar Bear Song
16 – Shit Christmas


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