Take It Easy

Here’s the final track off the ‘New Tricks’ album and the page is set up for covers and trak listings so feel free to help yourself.

A lot of this album has been about me letting off a bit of steam, banging out some rock or getting back to some good old blues, so I thought I’d finish with something a bit different; something mellow and laid back.

Let’s take an aeroplane
Jet off to the sun
Let’s just get away from everyone
Don’t need the hassle
Don’t need the pain
Lie in the sun and release that strain

Take it easy
Kick on back
Take it easy
Feel the sun on our backs
No need to worry
For a week or two
Take it easy

Good conversation
Over a drink
Releases my mind, gives me time to think
Forget the work load
Forget all the stress
Really doesn’t matter if back home is a mess

Take it easy
It’s easy to see
Take it easy
It’s working for me
Get away
And lie in the sun
Just take it easy

Modern living
Is taking its toll
Wears out your body and it wears out your soul
Not that it matters
At the end of the day
There’s time for working and there’s time for play

Take it easy
Find a way
Take it easy
Whatever you say
You feel that stress
Draining away
Take it easy

Take it easy
It’s easy to do
Take it easy
Make it work for you
It’s the only answer
At the end of the day
Take it easy


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