F**k You!

In the interests of going back to bad language (shock, horror), I’ve produced this little gem of unbridled vitriol. I’m not actually sure why it popped into my head but I think it might have had something to do with the unrelenting barrage of bullshit I get from my neighbours or perhaps somebody pissed me off. I can’t actually remember to be honest.

Still, here it is and possibly the final track of the New Tricks album which I shall be releasing just as soon as I’ve had a chance to produce the artwork. An artist’s work is just never done.

I don’t really care
If you feel down on your luck
I know you have your problems
But I couldn’t give a fuck
You need to get back on your feet
And pick yourself back up
It’s really really simply how I feel about you…

Fuck you
I don’t care what you do
Fuck you
Keep your problems to yourself
Fuck you
It really doesn’t matter; it’s not that big a deal
Fuck you

You know it doesn’t matter
I have my problems too
But unlike you I wouldn’t try
To dump them all on you
I rise above the little things
And I try to keep my head
But if can’t do the same then this is my advice to you…

Life can be a bastard
If you let it get to you
But you can turn a sniffle
Into a bout of flu
Your life is full of dramas
But they could be a whole lot worse
So please don’t dump your shit on me, you horrid little worm

You need to get perspective
You need to get a grip
You’d be a whole lot better
If you just weren’t such a prick
I never really liked you
So I guess I must confess
‘Cos you turn relaxation into never ending stress

I’m glad that we have cleared the air
And I’m glad we got it straight
It isn’t love I feel for you
You’ll never be my mate
It’s because of all the bullshit
That you dump on my plate
That the only thing I feel for you is unremitted hate!



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3 responses to “F**k You!


    That’s one of life’s truisms.



  2. Kinda Reminds me of Harry nilsson “You’re Breakin’ My Heart” (Fuck you song) although this seems to be more about broken friendships maybe? just my interpretation though .


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