My friend Dioclese went off on a jaunt to Madagascar to take a look at the lemurs – but judging from the poem he sent me, he didn’t have a lot of luck!

Anyway, it was too good to waste so I set it music and he sent me back this video. I’ve printed his words below. It made me laugh!

We went to Madagascar to take a look around
Went hiking through the jungle to see what could be found
We saw a lot of geckos crawling on the ground
But there’s one thing that we never saw no matter how we traipsed around
“Where’s the fucking lemurs?” we heard the tourists shout
“We came to see the monkeys but there’s bugger all about”

We went off on a jungle hike with a friendly local guide
She showed us lots of trees and stuff – her knowledge was quite wide
We asked about the lemurs. We asked her where they hide
She said they’re all around us but they’re really rather shy
“So where’s the fucking lemurs?” that’s what we want to know
“Where’s the fucking lemurs?” The buggers never showed

I’ve seen a leaf tailed gecko and I’ve seen a wide mouthed frog
I saw a big black spider sitting on a log
It isn’t like we didn’t try – we hunted high and low
But we never saw a lemur. Just why I’ll never know!
“Where’s the fucking lemurs?” Where do the buggers go
Where are the bastards hiding – that’s what I want to know!

There’s lots of different lemurs – black and white and brown
There were some here just the other day but there’s none around right now
It seems we came too early, there were loads after we left
So we tried arriving later – but when we’re not here’s best!
“Where’s the fucking lemurs?” There’s none around just now
It seems they’re more elusive than a green striped flying cow

So if you come to Madagascar to see these little chaps
Then I wish you the best of luck – ‘co s it’s not an easy task
You see a lot of jungle and you take what you get
And if you thought chameleons were hard to spot then you ain’t nothing yet!
“Where’s the fucking lemurs?” I guess we’ll never now
“Where’s the fucking lemurs?” They’re nowhere that we go

“Where’s the fucking lemurs?” The buggers never showed
“Did we see the fucking lemurs?” The simple answer’s ‘No!’


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