Making it up


I was delighted to see Wilko Johnson back on his feet and preforming on Jool’s dreadful New Year show. I admire his style of playing and it’s not actually vastly different of the sort of thing I used to do in the late 60s and 70s.

I wanted to do something as a sort of tribute to the guy and to the late Mick Green of The Pirates who inspired Wilko. The Pirates were grossly underrated and until I listened to Wilko’s collaboration with Roger Daltry, I’d pretty much forgotten Dr Feelgood when Wilko was at his peak.

So here’s a piece in the style of Wilko (hopefully) that he might not be too embarassed to listen to. Nice to see you’re still with us, mate. This one’s for you.

You got nothing to say and if that ain’t enough
You feel that you gotta make things up
You’re making it up
You’re just making it up
If that’s the best you can do well
Why don’t you just shut up?

OK – you had a boring life
Now you spice it up by telling lies
And making it up
Tell you I had enough
It was fun for a while
‘til you started making it up

I don’t know how you feel about me
I Guess I’m goin’ to have to wait and see
Are you making it up?
That would be kinda tough
Are your feelings for real
Or are you making them up?

You go out for a night on the town
And when I ask you if you’re foolin’ around
I can’t tell
If you’re making it up
Things could get rough
If you’re only making it up


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