Ever been in a nice quiet bar when a load of hooray henry’s appear spouting bullshit at the top of their voices, telling everybody how wonderful they are with all their money and their stuff? Ever felt like just telling them to fuck off and spread their bullshit somewhere else?

And then you realise that there’s really no point in wasting your breath because you’re just a peasant unfit to breathe the same air as them.

Yes? Well, you’ll like this song then!

Noisy snobs – Plum in mouth
Never talk – They always shout
Through the hot air – Bullshit floats
Spewing from – Their snooty throats
Peaceful bar – Quiet drink
All gone down – The kitchen sink
In they come – In a herd
Their voices all – That can be heard
Boring bastards – Lacking wit
Churning out – A load of shit

Flashy houses – Flashy cars
Designer clothes – And second homes
Trying to – Outdo each other
Boasting to – Outbrag the other
Is it real? – Who can tell?
Is it just – A tale they tell?
Tell me how – You make your money
Do you really? – Why how funny!
What’s your sport? – Bridge or golf?
What’s your poison? – Gin or scotch?

Why do you – Invade their space?
Why don’t you – Know your place?
Musn’t speak – They cut you dead
Peasant tattooed – ‘cross your head
Class distinction – Alive and well
Tell them they – Can go to hell!

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