When I recorded this I was aiming to do something simple and then discovered that I’d got a melody without any lyrics. This is unusual or me as I usually write the lyrics and then go looking for the music.

Anyhow, after rejecting two sets of words I came up with this. Uncharacteristically, it’s remarkably cheery for me!

Springtime brings a brand new year
Putting paid to winter’s tears
Life is new and life is fresh
Looking forward to all that’s best
Each new life a fresh new promise
Everyday a fresh new future
Everyday a fresh new hope
Winters blues are over now
Sun is shining through the clouds
No more snow, no icy shroud
Nature’s glories standing proud
Summer soon is on its way
With each and every brightening day

April showers come they may
To bring the flowers bright in May
Summer sunshine on our back
Ditch that coat for shirt and slacks
Watching flowers growing fast
Smell the smell of new mown grass
Enjoying lazy days
Everything is warmth and light
Every day a bright fresh sight
No cares or worries to be found
Everything seems safe and sound
But nothing lasts forever
Autumn soon will come our way

Autumn winds blow leaves from trees
Bringing summer to it’s knees
Sunshine fades and nights close in
Turning weather turning bad again
Birds fly south to seek the sun
Rainclouds put an end to fun
Now in the autumn of my life
I look back at the times I had
Springtime in its innocence
Summertime alive with hope
Dreams I had when I was young
Grew and blossomed in the sun

And though the winter now has come
I don’t regret what I have done
I could’ve done things differently
I could’ve trod a different path
And when my winter’s done
And my life comes to an end
I know that spring will come again


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