Seeing as how today is election day, I thought I’d post this track about politicians which I think pretty much sums up how I feel about them in general.

One wonders why they do it. What’s the motivation? What’s in it for them?

And they’re so honest and sincere aren’t they?

It’s all about the power
And the big house and the car
It’s not about the money
It’s who we think they are
They need to be important
They need to lead the way
They need to be a big shot
So you listen to what they say

The people all look up to him
He’s a real important man
What mere mortals cannot do
They all assume he can
The bodyguards and hangers on
All add to the mystique
They know that he’s a leader
And they’re falling at his feet

Big shots
No doubts
No inhibitions
Follow on
Or fall behind
Suit yourself
‘Cos they don’t mind

It’s him who knows what’s best for you
You must do what you’re told
You really should be grateful
For the life line that you hold
If he leaves you on your own
Then you can’t find your way home
It’s not for you to question him
When he tells what to do

You’re living on a minimum wage
You’re living in a council house
Why can’t you all be grateful?
Why do you moan and grouse?

It’s clear that he’s a leader
It’s clear he knows what’s best
He’s looking after folks like him
To hell with all the rest
What would you do without him
Could you manage with out them
You really should be grateful
It’s too easy to condemn

Fancy cars
Flashy suits
Going far
On the telly
Looking good
Smiling faces
Hearts of wood

Looking down
Down on you
Telling you
What’s good for you
Sitting on
A pedestal
At all those fools


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