It’s Saturday Night (Let’s get pissed)

Ah, yes! Saturday nights. I used to like going out for a drink with my mates on a Saturday night or sinking a few bevvies during a gig followed by a prawn curry and a pint of lager afterwards.

Now I just sit in my window watching the pre-fuelled piss artists staggering off to town at around 11pm and staggering back throwing up in the gutter at around 4am on Sunday morning.

Something’s not right, somehow.

Lying in the gutter, looking at the stars
Lord knows I didn’t get too far
Might have drunk a little too much
Didn’t think I was pissed as such
Pick me up and dust me down
It’ll be alright next time round
Beer wisdom’s what I found
Though my friends think that I’m a clown

You get a new perspective lying on your back
Don’t tell me what you think of that
Sage wisdom, snappy anecdotes
Wash across you as your mind floats
A little drinky does no harm
Better than a needle in the arm
Everything will be alright
Out drinking on Saturday night

It wasn’t a great night
You know I’ve had better

Why do I do it? I really don’t know
Sink one more when it’s time to go?
I’m think I’m funny when I’ve had a few
Life takes on a different view
Could have been much worse I guess
I could have made more of a mess
Shoot my mouth off – start a fight
Let’s get pissed – It’s Saturday night…

Pick me up and dust me down
It’ll be alright next time round
Everything will be alright
We’re out drinking on Saturday night


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