Fancy a bop? Well, crank this on up and off you go. A bit more disco for you.

Could be the title track off the new album unless I change my mind.

It’s not that I don’t care
Or that I never tried
You left me anyway
You never told me why
You know it really hurt
You know you turned the knife
But I got over you
And got on with my life

(There’s other fish to fry)
If you will only try
Some people make you cry
So pick yourself back up
Go on and try your luck

It’s a bad idea to
Feel sorry for yourself
Get back up on your feet
And find somebody else
Take my advice
And get on with your life
Because someone like that
Will never treat you right

(There’s other fish to fry)
I‘ve been through it too
When someone has hurt you
And I know what it’s like
Find one who’ll treat you right

You think you’re on your own
And that nobody cares
But I am here to tell you
That there’s life out there
One day you will look back
And look at what you had
You’ll see what you’ve got now
Is really not that bad

(There’s other fish to fry)
People will break your trust
People will make you cry
But that doesn’t mean
That you should never try
You’re better off alone
Than with someone like that
And you don’t need someone
That’s treating you like crap
Pick yourself back up
And get on with your life
And find somebody else
Who’s gonna treat you right

There’s other fish to fry


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