This song completes the “One for the Road” album.

It’s a song about that warm feeling you get in your underpants when you know you shouldn’t – or something like that. I think it has a bit of a 60’s feel about it so maybe I’m just feeling my age.

Sometimes you get an urge that you know ain’t right
It’s an itch you can’t scratch but you think you might
Should you ignore it? Should you go for it?
Feels good now but you know you’re gonna pay for it
Emotion rising fit to bust
You have to do it if you feel you must
It’s lust

She looks good the way she dresses and the way she moves
The thing is, does she do it for me or for you?
That tight T shirt and the skin hugging jeans
You get the signals but you don’t know what they mean
You know you should keep away
It doesn’t matter what you say
‘cos it’s lust

You like the way that she looks at you
But you don’t know what you should do
It’s not simple like the old days
It can drag you down in so many ways
Don’t what you’ll have to pay
Is it worth it for a simple lay?
It’s only lust

Free love ain’t as free as it was in the old days
Watching flowers in the rain in a purple haze
If you’re wondering what’s best to do
It could be real what she’s telling you
She could playing you for a fool
And if you’re wondering what you should do
It’s only lust


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