Yesterdays News

Chip wrappers is pretty much all yesterdays newspapers are good for – or at least they were until the good old nanny state stopped us using newsprint because of the lead. What’s wrong with a bit of lead? Did wonders for the flavour!

Anyway, this is a song about how people get away with stuff because no sooner does it hit the news but it’s forgotten and they move on to the next thing.

What is that name on the tip of my tongue?
Why can’t I think what it was he’s done
It hit the papers just the other day
What was it all about? Well I just can’t say!
It seems to me that it mattered at the time
It’s forgotten now – I can’t remember why

You think it matters that you have your say
You store it up so its safe in your head
But its all forgotten just as soon as it’s said
Your burning issue ain’t important any more
One mans ceiling is another mans floor
It doesn’t matter like you think that it does

Its not fair what they get away with
Its not fair that how they live their lives
Its not fair the way that they carry on
But nobody seems to care

I don’t like liars and I don’t like crooks
I don’t like people who cook the books
I don’t like politicians who tell me lies
And I don’t like coppers living off their bribes
I don’t like judges who will turn a blind eye
And I don’t like bankers with their fingers in the pie
You shouldn’t be rich if you don’t even try

You know it’s right that you should speak your mind
So why do you tell me that I can’t speak mine?
It’ll all be the same in a thousand years
So leave it to the bloke with the rocks between his ears
No-body really cares and I guess that shows
You ask who the crook is but no-body knows
Yesterdays news is tomorrows trash
Yesterdays news is tomorrows trash
Yesterdays news is tomorrows trash
It’s just tomorrows trash


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