Junk Mail

It’s that time of year. The festive season. That time of year when the shops all go mental trying to get you to spend your money.

So if you haven’t got a pile of junk mail dropping on your mat now, rest assured you will have soon. And then there’s the new year sales to look forward to. Happy days.

What’s this dropping through my letter box
What’s this coming through my front door
It’s stuff that I don’t want
It’s stuff I didn’t ask for
I don’t want no insurance for my car
I don’t want your free pen or your chocolate bar
I don’t want your broadband
Or your mobile phone
So just bugger off
And leave me alone

It’s a loada crap
Junk mail
We all had enough of that
Junk Mail
Just throw it in the bin
It’s junk mail

I don’t wanna test drive in your new car
I don’t wanna drink in your shiny new bar
You can keep your pizza
And your take away meals
It’s not for me
And that’s how I feel
So drop in the bin
It’s all it’s good for

I get a free paper once or twice a week
It’s so full of crap I don’t even take a peek
It’s full of adverts
And charity appeals
It’s just more junk
That’s the way I feel
I don’t wanna go to your outlet sale
If you’re trying to get my interest you’re gonna fail
There’s nothing I want
No there really isn’t
It’s a waste of your money
Why not give it up

Junk mail
A load of old tat
Junk mail
Who thought of that?
Junk mail
It’s a waste of time
It’s just junk mail

Junk mail
Nobody wants it
Junk mail
Gets on your tits
Junk mail
There’s much too much
You can stick your junk mail


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